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To have a completely suite of security applications, you normally have to pay for a subscription or a license key. Another way to protect your computer completely is to use multiple free security applications at once. And this ends up with you have to visit and download different applications. With  SSDownloader, things are much simpler now. It can download automatically nearly 30 security applications including anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall.

Editor's comment: What to do when you lose your USB flash drive, USB Safeguard is one for this.

Secure Your Files On USB Flash Drive Using USB Safeguard One of the biggest conveniences of using a USB pen drive is that you can bring your data with you wherever you go. But this ease can easily turn into a nightmare if you lose your USB pen drive. It becomes doubly worse if you have confidential files stored in it. A solution to secure your data is available with the USB Safeguard.

Editor's comment: Sometimes, you accidentally install a rouge program which brings you annoys, this post tells you how to resolve.

Remove Rogue Programs Using Norton Power Eraser Norton Power Eraser is a specially designed program for removing rogueware (potentially unwanted program) from a Windows PC.

The growing rogue programs or misleading applications, if installed, use fake pop-up alerts or security messages that scare you into thinking your PC has been infected and needs to be fixed immediately.

Bypass Internet Filters Using PaperBus PaperBus is a multi-platform free software that lets you access blocked websites and bypass internet filters.It is very easy to use.Once you  download and install the Windows/Mac/Linux PaperBus proxy-client , you can surf the web anonymously  bypassing all internet censorship.

Right now it is an ad-supported app from the makers of commercial proxy service Freedur .The Ads are displayed at the top of the browser and is adware free .It will be displayed when  PaperBus is in use and when shutdown no ads are displayed.If you don’t want particular websites to be accessed via PaperBus means, you can  enable filter and add websites to it.

3 Ways To Delete Cookies In Firefox Cookies are relatively harmless text files that make web browsing more convenient. However, they do represent a slight security risk because they leave a trail to just about every website you’ve even visited.

Firefox allows you to delete cookies in three ways giving you the opportunity to clear out that trail and make your system a bit more secure. Which of the three options to choose depends on how you browse the web and how secure you want your computer to be.

Check A Website For Potential Vulnerabilities Using Websecurify Are you trying to find out if the website you own has any security vulnerabilities? Or perhaps you are going to use the online services a site offers which involves your personal data and you want to ensure that the site is not vulnerable to security threats. For whatever reason you choose to test the security airtight-ness of a website, you probably have no clue as to where you should start.

Testing websites for their security is not something we commonly do. But websites and blogs get hacked all the time; it happens because there is a vulnerability which the site developers overlook and the hackers take advantage of. But from now on hacking sites will be more difficult than before because of Websecurify.

Sometimes it is not possible to uninstall Avast antivirus in the standard way using Windows Add/Remove program. The incomplete uninstallation causes trouble to you when installing a new or another antivirus program.

Avast has released a uninstallation utility, AswClear that allows you to uninstall Avast antivirus 5 completely from your computer.

View Flash Cookie In Browsers Using Flash Cookies View If you want to view the flash cookies that are stored in your computer, you can use Flash Cookies View, a portable flash cookie viewer that comes from the great developer NirSoft. It lets you select one or more cookies which then can be copied to clipboard, saves to ext/html/xml file or deleted.

The flash cookie files are automatically displayed once you launch Flash Cookies View. You can view the information for each file like the originating url, file name, created and modified time, file size and file path.

Prevent Autorun.inf Virus From Portable Devices Using Autorun Kicker Autorun Kicker is a portable freeware that monitors all drives and prevents autorun.inf virus by fighting it and cleaning all associated files. It will alert via system try balloon notification every time an autorun.inf virus is defeated.

The application can be set to launch at startup and can also disable the autorun feature from the system. By default it monitors Local Hard Disks, Removable Media, and Network Drives. You can change which drives to monitor by unchecking the drives that you don’t want to be monitored.

Top 10 Free Firewall Applications For Your Windows 7 Very rarely do you see the default Windows 7 firewall display a prompt that it prevented an attack on your PC. However, that’s not really the purpose of the built-in Windows firewall.

Rather, it is designed to run smoothly in the background and stop internet threats in “stealth mode.” If you are looking for a firewall with a bit more interaction, you may want to give one of the following firewall programs a shot. The majority of them have more “advanced” notifications, allowing you to monitor internet activity more closely.

You sometimes want to send an anonymous mail to someone for one reason or another while most email clients and email providers don’t allow you to do this. It’s time to use fewer known services but enable you to do this.

3 Sites To Send Anonymous Mails

Almost these services require you to fill out necessary information such as From, To, Subject, and the content but not need for your real email. In addition, to avoid abusing for spamming, you are also required to fill the captcha.

Autorun mechanism has both positive and negative effects that you should use with carefulness. In most cases, the malware files can be executed and infect your system from an autorun device. Therefore, you should disable this on Windows, unless you are a super security expert.

Disable Autorun Mechanism On Windows Automatically Using Autorun Vaccine

To disable it, you must apply some tweaks, which would be difficult to someone, but you can use a third party utility to do this automatically. Autorun Vaccine is such a aider for you in this case.

As a system administrator, you always need to assure that your network is safe and risks are completely eliminated. You can spend the whole day doing manual tests to get the results, or using Pure Networks Security Scan, which offers you an automatic mechanism to test. It will scan through your computer and network and sensible locations to detect issues. The results will then be shown in IE.

Scan Your Network For Security Issues Using Pure Networks Security Scan

There are many sites now allow you to access its resource such as ebooks, files, programs only when you have a registered account. Otherwise, it is impossible to get those things, and you must register one if you really need them. Hey, remember that revealing your email address when registering on strange sites is so dangerous, and you can probably be the victims of spammers.

Top 3 Useful Anonymous Email Generators

Still want to register, but don’t want to reveal your real email address, anonymous email address generators are your friends in this case. Most of them allows you to create temporary addresses which just last in a couple of months, while some offers you long lasting addresses and even forward incoming messages to your real email address.

Automatically Clean Temporary Files When Shutting Down The System Using Smart Auto Shutdown Almost program on Windows will create temporary files while running in order to complete its tasks. And your system will soon end up with junk files, which may be the major cause of slow performance and even security risks. To deal with those issues, you usually remove them by using a cleaner such as CCleaner. However, you have to launch it manually, but you can do this automatically every time your system shutdowns.

Smart Auto Shutdown is a small utility which silently works as a cleaner when you shutdown your system. Before completely shut down, it will scan for sensitive locations and remove temporary and junk files. Therefore, you will have a healthy and clean system the next time you start it.

Protect Your Data By Storing Them In An Executable File Using Protect Me The most efficient way to protect your data is to encrypt it using an encrypting application with a password. It works extremely well as long as the application is on your system so that it can decrypt and update the content or so on.

For a more portable method, you might find the way that adding data into a container, then it will be compiled to an executable file and protected by a password. The file promises to be capable of running on any system regardless of whether any encrypting application is already installed. Protect Me is such a tool offers you this approach to protect your data.

Create Your Virtual Encrypted Disk Using Secret Drive Windows offer developers a flexible mechanism to create virtual devices. You may see out there many tools to create virtual CD/DVD disk or to create virtual USB flash disk. Some encrypting applications make use of this mechanism as well.

Secret Drive is such a tool that allows you to create an encrypted container which you can add your secret files to. Then it will map that disk as a virtual drive on Windows so that you can do all file managements same as on usual disk. When you dismount that container, no one can access your secret data.

3 Tools To Hide Text In An Image You may see some guys out there showing their email addresses but in some sort of image format. Those addresses are absolute safe at being caught by crawlers of spammers. It is a definitely interesting way but people can still see and guess the content of the images.

In order to take advantage of this way to keep more confidential information, try some Steganography applications. It is a mechanism that allows you to include text into any image without changing it. Only the sender and the recipient can view that text.

Display Passwords Stored In Opera Using OperaPassView As other browsers, Opera allows users to auto fill authoring forms. This is a handy way and efficient if you have to sign in multiple sites everyday. By doing this, Opera will keep the information of your accounts including usernames and passwords, but it will encrypt those sensitive data and save them on the local.

In some cases, you have lost a password, but you are sure that Opera already kept it, you probably end up with thinking of a utility which can display those passwords. Here is the time OperaPassView comes in useful.

No need to install, just run it right after the download completes. It will automatically scan for accounts’ information stored by Opera and display in a list. You then can get back that password with ease.

5 Programs You Should Install On Your Laptop Basically, laptops can do most usual things same as computers do. Besides, there are some advantages you can only find on laptops as well as inconveniences.

There are some programs, which can make the most benefits on laptops in comparison with on computers. They may cover security, tracking, backup, encryption and so on.