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You might see some tools to close all unnecessary applications in order to focus only on a program to increase the response rate. You can also apply the same tactic to audio system using SoundOff where you can turn off all system sounds while you are listening to music or watching videos.

Editor's comment: Originally designed to be the media center of Windows, Windows Media Center can nearly gather all media such as audio, video into one place. You will learn how to watch YouTube videos just right in it in this post.

Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Right In Windows Media Center Windows Media Center is one of the most used tools in  Windows 7 which lets you organize your media files in an easy way. But what if you want to watch YouTube videos and other videos which rely on Internet services? Recently, and without a lot of fuss, a member of the forum has released an interesting plug-in called Macro Tube  which aims to solve this issue. Thanks to it you will be able to watch your favorite YouTube videos, directly from WMC!

Editor's comment: Listening to music is a great way to relax, but listening to your own song is much greater. AudioTool lets you do this online for free.

Create Your Music Online Using AudioTool If you have never visited the AudioTool website, you have missed out on one of the best ways of creating music on the internet. You may think that is only a simple web based application; however, when you make use of it, you will realize that it helps in creating good quality music files. The amount of time AudioTool will take to record music files depends on your internet speed. If the speed of your internet is fast, you will be able to save your creations in no time.

Editor's comment: Both Windows Live Writer and Picasa are my favorite and essential tools to blog. This post tells you how to combine them to make a great photo post.

How To Add Images From Picasa Web Albums In Windows Live Writer Picasa web albums comes by default with any Google account and it can be used to create a storehouse for images. You can upload a photo in Picasa web albums by just sending an email. Then use the Picasa Live writer plugin to add the image in your blog post, written in Windows Live writer.

The above idea have a couple of advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about where your image is hosted. Second, all the images can be downloaded in your computer using the Picasa desktop application. Following are the steps involved to install and use the Picasa Live writer plugin

Editor's comment: With the aid of photo editors today, you don’t need to have special skills in order to take a beautiful photo. PhotoPerfect Express is such a great tool for this job.

Enhance And Optimize Your Photos Using PhotoPerfect Express PhotoPerfect Express is a free photo enhancement software that allows enhancing and optimizing your photos in just three easy steps. This free photo enhancement tool is very easy to use and helps you efficiently to enhance the quality of your photos. It produces great results that mark up to be very professional without spending hours in front of your system.

PhotoPerfect Express is geared towards quickly optimizing your photos. If you want to do some edits to your photos, you can use full featured image editors, like Paint.Net and GIMP.

Editor's comment: Each video format was invented for a particular purpose and choosing which is the best relies on your need. This post tells you more about an open source video converter which is free and easy to use.

VidCoder Is HandBrake Video Converter With Simple Interface VidCoder is an opensource video converter  that basically uses HandBrake  as encoding engine. Users who are having difficulty in using HandBrake can give VidCoder a shot since it is technically the same tool but with a new refreshed user interface.

VidCoder features include multi-threading support, MP4 and MKV containers, H.264, MPEG-4, and Therora video, AAC, MP3, Vorbis, and AC3 passthrough audio, Decomb, detelecine, deinterlance filters, ability to create small encoded preview clips, and pause/resume encoding.

Convert Your Images To Different Formats Using Choosing an image file type is a tricky process. Most digital cameras take images in JPEG format, but most of us prefer using PNG format for posting images on the Web. Each format has its advantages, but not all browsers will show all image formats.

If you need to change image formats in a hurry, or if you would like to save an image in several formats at the same time, can convert them without having to download any extra software.

Download Videos From Video Sharing Sites Using SaveVideo.Me The internet does not come short when speaking of downloaders for YouTube hosted videos. There are a number of good YouTube Video downloaders out there that you can utilize for that task. But, what if you want to download videos hosted on sites other than YouTube? SaveVideo.Me has come to save the day. It is a video download tool that will let you download videos from YouTube and other video portals as well.

SaveVideo.Me supports YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Veoh, Flickr, Google Videos and The service works like most basic online video download tools. All you need to do is copy the video URL, paste it on and hit the download button. When your link to a file will be generated – press the link “Download video file” (under the form) the right mouse button and will select in the menu, “Save link as…”

Search For Subtitles In Any Language Using Subtitle Search Subtitle Search is a free program that allows you to search, find and download subtitles of many languages for movies that are available on Internet sites popular film subtitles, as the Open and Subtitle Subtitles Resource.

Using this program is very simple, just enter the name of the movie, TV series, etc. in the search form and click “Search”button.

Each result is displayed with title, label, language, number of CDs, classification and source. To download a caption, double-click on the search result you wish to download.

How To Remove Duplicate Tracks In Your ITunes Quickly Today, I’m going to cover how to remove duplicate tracks from iTunes. During my recent Windows 7  rebuild, I made a number of strategic errors. Nothing devastating, unless you include the mess I seem to have got my once pristine iTunes library in. I’ve ended up with everything I need… and more. I’m going to talk you through what you can do to remove duplicates in iTunes.

I’m a Windows guy, so some of your options will certainly differ if you’re one of those Apple types. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Convert Your Video To Any Video Format Using Any Video ConverterCurrently there are many different ways to convert one video format to another. You can make use of several video conversion services online. If you’d like to convert video on your PC using software, we’ve written about a few, such as Free Video And Audio Converter and Quick Media Converter.

Any Video Converter lets you convert between a large number of video formats such as AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG, M2TS, MTS, RM, RMVB, QT, and WMV. You can manually adjust the settings for each format or use several presets. The program can also trim and crop portions of video and merge multiple video files. Other features include batch conversion, YouTube downloads, video snapshots and more.

Add Tattoos Onto Your Photos With Ease Using Without Using TatMash You don’t need Photoshop or heavy knowledge of photo editing software to add cool Tattoos in your photos. TatMash is a brilliant web service which lets you add Tattoos and other body art designs in your digital photos with little effort.

The impressive thing about TatMash – You can upload a custom design and have it Tatooed in your image. Else, you can also choose from popular Tattoo designs which are already available in the site gallery.

Take Screenshots And Upload To Flickr Using Screenshotr Do you love sharing computer screenshots with friends on Flickr photo sharing website? You can make this process very easy and quick using Screenshotr tool. It allows you to capture screenshots and directly upload them to your Flickr account from the comfort of the desktop without having to open web browser for uploading process.

Top 3 Plug-ins For Your Windows Media Center Windows Media Center is a feature available in Windows that lets us view movies, listen to music and fulfill all our entertainment needs with a very interactive interface. Now, you can increase the limits of Windows Media Center to view and read your emails, watch You tube, Dailymotion and Soapbox videos and view Facebook friend’s albums and photos on your TV.

This helps improve the Windows Media Center experience.  Lets take a look on how easily you can setup these applications.

Dim All Of The Webpage But The Video You’re Watching In Google Chrome Videoholics are dime a dozen these days. Who doesn’t watch Youtube like they used to watch TV? The only thing is, there are hundreds of distractions on the webpage serving the videos.

Imagine if you were watching a movie and there were boxes on the sides that showed you related movies and information about the actors. Sure, it would be interesting, but it is distracting!

Turn Off The Lights solves the problem. Turn Off The Lights is an extension for Chrome that dims all of the webpage but the video you’re watching, so that you aren’t distracted by the disturbing and irritating elements of the webpage.

First off, I’m a Graphics Designer by trade and personality, and I’m used to the “Pro Tools” like Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign etc. So I’ll be honest up front, I tend to compare programs for the “non-pro” user against the Professional ones – and that isn’t fair, I know. My preferences may very well be on a different level (or planet even) than yours. However …

When I first began to review the Collage Maker, I did compare it to what I could do in my usual programs, but soon found that – Hey! This actually works. I actually started to like this program, once I found out how it was built, and how it was meant to work.

Build Photo Collages Quickly Using Collage Maker

Edit Your Audio Files In Windows Using Free Audio Editor Most of the professional audio editing software available does not come free, but FAE (Free Audio Editor), as the name indicates, is a freeware and yet professional audio editing tool. The application is a all in one tool which can be used to edit audio files visually; record audio from a microphone or any other available input device and also apply various effects and finally burn CDs from MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG.

Convert Your Videos For Common Portable Devices Using Miro Miro released the new Miro Video Converter, it will convert almost any video to MP4, Theora or for a specific device like an Android phone, iPhone, iPod, or PSP. The goal of Miro Video Converter is to give people an easy, fast, and intuitive way to convert videos. Most video converters out there have dozens of baffling settings about how to encode the video. Miro Video Converter is all about trying to do less- it has virtually no features. Just pick your file and choose what format or device you want to convert it to.

There are times when you need to flip videos horizontally or vertically. May be your amateur friend has shot a video, holding the camera incorrectly. The entire video appears upside down and you have to bend your neck to the right or left and grasp the video sequence.

Thanks to Tehseen, I found Free video Flip and Rotate – a free utility to flip and rotate videos. The application can rotate videos just like you flip an image in MS – Paint or other image editing programs. Once you have installed the application, import the video and select the conversion type and angle. Hit “Convert” and it’s done.

Flip Or Rotate Your Videos Using Free Video Flip And Rotate

PicasaExt is a small plugin that integrates Picasa in Windows Explorer. Images that are starred in Picasa, i.e, made favorites, are now displayed in Windows Explorer as well. A small start overlay is displayed on every image that has been starred in Picasa.

Integrate Picasa To Windows Explorer Using PicasaExt